Tips To Homemakers On Power Consumption

19 Sep 2011


Tips To Homemakers On Power Consumption
Homemakers are busy with a myriad of routine chores, both within and outside. Home making is not something simple, as many people think.  Maintaining a good home goes sometime fretful. She needs to focus attention on different matters like housekeeping, cooking, washing, paying bills, marketing etc. when it comes in terms of utilities, a clever homemaker is watchful of the monthly electricity bill.  She needs to compare it with the previous consumption level. She needs to concern and justify, if it is more now than the last.  She shouldn’t just stop with receiving a bill and paying it. 
‘I paid my utility bills on time’ is not only something to be proud of.  She must analyze the fluctuation of bill amount.
Why my consumption is high this month?
Let her evolve out a fair reason for the excess.  It is not so difficult.  Of course, it may not help to reduce a fair slice in the current bill.  But, the cause may give you some ideas to save better next time.  A home party last month may have guzzled extra kWh.  However, it’s unusually high. What would have caused to eat up this much?  Let her rule out to find the cause.
Did I run the air conditioners quite long? I don’t think so.  My aircons have built-in inverters.  They wouldn’t  have guzzled a huge power.  
Then,  what?
Was it the serial lights that were blinking on for two entire nights the culprit?  No, it cannot be.  After all, they are tiny LED lights. 
What should have soared up my bill, then?
Yes, I got it now.  It’s my oven.  I used two ovens for baking a few cakes continuously for the entire party.  Each oven takes more than 3000 watt.  They had run for hours to bake the cakes.  She apprehended the culprit now.
Normally, heating devices guzzle a lot more energy than others. The homemaker is clear now. It’s not just enough to find the cause and settle justified.  There is some more homework to be done.  What can be done to avoid the excess of electricity bill next time?
The cost of electricity and the cakes might have been much higher than if they were bought in a bakery.  I could have saved the time and labour for making it.  
'Yes, next time I will order it from bakeries’. The homemaker is convinced.
Electricity not just comes to you for a kWh price.  It comes downright polluting the atmosphere.  The cost of pollution is not included in your tariff.  One kWh consumption releases 1 kg of carbon dioxide into the air, apart from other gases.  Just imagine how many gas or coal powered power plants run all over the world.  How many billion tons of carbon dioxide is loaded every hour into the sky.
Carbon dioxide is one of the Green House Gases (GHG).  More they accumulate in the sky, greater is the damage brought by Global Warming.  May be we don’t much feel the brunt of it.  But, the destructive impacts keep on occurring somewhere in a part of the planet.
Let us be more shrewd and, if possible, stringent in using the power.
by Akbar Ali ABDUL HAI
Environmental Practitioner
Courtesy Sharing by Earthagain


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