10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms

26 Mar 2012

The living room may be the most public room, and the kitchen the heart of the home, but the bedroom deserves a special touch too. Busy lives can translate into stress and late nights, and many of us are still short on sleep despite the benefits of a good night's rest. Try these 10 ways to bliss out your bedroom and soon you may be resting easier.

10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
1. Commit to creating a place to rest and refresh. As a private space, the bedroom has the potential to be a restorative haven in a busy world. Instead of using it as yet another place to work, eat and watch TV, set an intention to make your bedroom a sanctuary.
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
2. Think like a B&B. Take a cue from comfy guesthouses and pamper yourself with extra-fluffy duvets, flowing white curtains and a neatly turned-down bed. Taking a moment each morning to straighten up means you can simply drop your things in the evening and completely relax.
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
3. Indulge all the senses. Try these tips to awaken your senses and calm your spirit after a long day.
Taste: Keep a small carafe of fresh water on your bedside table. Add mint sprigs or lemon slices for a refreshing sip.
Touch: Bring in a range of textures that delight you, from washed linen sheets and a delicate mohair throw to smooth wood furniture and nubby sisal rugs.
Smell: Try a linen spray or scented candle made with natural ingredients. Lavender promotes rest and relaxation, but any scent you love is a good choice. 
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
Sight: Hang inspiring artwork where you can see it first thing in the morning, and amp up the natural light with a large mirror. Place a vase with cut flowers on your nightstand. Take the time to toss dirty clothes in a hamper to keep the bedroom serene and clean. 
Sound: If you have trouble falling asleep, try playing soft, soothing music or use a white noise machine to block out street sounds. Hanging heavy curtains and using area rugs can also help buffer sound.
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
4. Banish distraction. Make your bedroom off-limits to high-tech devices. We have become so used to being connected 24/7 that it can feel like a crime to completely unplug, but TVs, cell phones and laptops can disrupt sleep. Try drifting off with a book instead of more screen time and see if it doesn't improve your rest.
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
5. Refresh your palette. If it's been a long time since you changed the color scheme in your bedroom, try making a fresh start. This is a private space, so don't worry about color trends (unless you really love them). Instead, think about which colors make you feel calm, rested and relaxed. Cool blues and greens are generally calming, while fresh white and citrus yellow can be nice to wake up to — something to think about if you are not a morning person.
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
6. Rethink entries, closets and doors. If you have unattractive sliding closet doors or an awkwardly tight entryway, consider replacing the doors with curtains. They take up less space, add softness and provide another opportunity to layer in color and texture. It's a relatively simple change to undertake, and it can make a huge difference in the feel of the room.
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
7. Clear clutter. Begin by removing as much as possible from the room, then bring back only those items you truly love. Donate what you no longer want to charity and store as much as you can in another room. The point is to keep your bedroom as clear, clean and simple as possible.
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
8. Create a vacation vibe. You can conjure the mood of your favorite vacation spot with a few key elements.
Lake: regional map, wool camp blankets, vintage books
Beach: driftwood, sea-grass rug, airy white curtains and bedding
Big city: bold wallpaper, vintage chandelier, upholstered headboard
Tropics: seaside photo prints, vintage postcards tucked into bamboo blinds, tropical potted plants
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
9. Bring in what you need. After clearing the clutter, you may find you are missing something you would love to have in your oasis. Make a list before shopping to avoid cluttering things up again. Here are a few examples.
• Bedside tables at a comfortable height
• Task lighting
• Ambient lighting with a dimmer switch
• A simple alarm clock
• Wonderful sheets
• Blackout shades
• Small water carafe
• Scented or beeswax candle
• Linen spray
• Inspiring reading material
10 Design Tips for Blissful Bedrooms
10. Maintain and enhance. Once your bedroom is in order, make a promise to spend a few minutes each day maintaining the space. 
Make your bed in the morning, put laundry in the hamper at night and try to clear out drawers and cupboards every few months. I am a big believer in designing over time, so don't worry if you can't run right out and purchase everything you want right away.
Keep a shopping list handy as well as an inspiration board or ideabook on Houzz, so when you are ready to add something new, it will be something you love.
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