Pick the Right Dining Chair

11 Sep 2012

Now that you have pinpointed the dining table that you will be using, how will you match your chairs to the table? There are even more chair options out there than tables, so it can be hard to find the right match for your table and your lifestyle. Have no fear — whether you're a minimalist, a midcentury modern lover or an industrial aficionado, there's a perfect dining chair option out there for you.

Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Love rustic style
Your seating: Traditional farm-style wood chairs
Heavy and solid wood chairs will pair well with that rustic farm table you bought. Look into Windsor or Shaker-style wood chairs for that extra touch of authenticity.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
Café-style bentwood chairs have come back into fashion lately, since their curvy lines look great with just about any style table and they add a European flair. These chairs are quite classy with a rustic farm table as well.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Never know how many people are coming for dinner
Your seating: The cushioned bench
Some people find a hard wood bench unforgiving, so look at cushioned benches or banquette seating for increased comfort. Having a cushioned bench along one wall and regular chairs on the other side of a table creates an eye-catching composition. Combined with an extending table, you're ready for any size dinner party.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
Tip: Placing the cushioned bench or banquette in a window frames the dining area nicely. Just make sure to measure correctly before buying.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Are a minimalist
Your seating: A simple long bench
A simple bench will pair nicely with a rectangular table and accommodates as few or as many diners as you're willing to squeeze in. This style seating reinforces your no-frills approach to setting up a dining room with its flexibility and clean spare lines.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Are a fan of clean, modern lines
Your seating: Contemporary bentwood chairs
These budget-friendly chairs are available from a variety of major retailers. They come in a rainbow of colors and natural or finished wood tones — they're a no-brainer to place along any modern dining table.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
Classic Eames bentwood chairs are the next step up from contemporary bentwood chairs to match to a modern dining table. These gorgeous chairs are a timeless modern icon.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Are a handy conservationalist
Your seating: A mix of thrifted and found chairs
Create an eclectic mix around your table with a collection of chairs found at thrift stores and yard sales. Each chair has a story to tell, and your dining area will be infused with personality — not to mention earth-friendly impact.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
One way to make mismatched chairs seem more cohesive is to paint them all the same color and provide consistent upholstery, like in this handsome collection.
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Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Are traditional 
Your seating: Upholstered chairs
Nothing says "formal dining" like a set of well-upholstered chairs to go around a traditional table. The cushioned back and seat tell the diner you are in for a multicourse meal full of delicious treats and good conversation.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
If you want your existing dining chairs to seem more formal, create slipcovers for them. Play with the pattern and colors of the fabric to make a splashy but temporary statement.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Are edgy and like the industrial look
Your seating: A metal Tolix chair
Built like a tank and surprisingly comfortable, these chairs will make any dining room seem edgy. These timeless chairs are also available from a variety of retailers at different price points (depending on how authentic to the 1930s original you want to get) and colors.
Pick the Right Dining Chair
You: Love classic midcentury modern design
Your seating: Eames Shell Chair
Whether you opt for a chrome Eiffel base or a wooden dowel base, the fiberglass Shell Chair instantly shouts midcentury modern and looks amazing with an equally amazing Saarinen table.
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