Things You Need to Know on Wall Decals

03 Apr 2011

By Adrian How

#1: Design
Choosing a design. I can't decide. I like them all! The best part of using wall decal is that you can just remove it once you got bored with it and start all over again. So choose one and keep the rest in mind for your next DIY session.

#2: Color
My walls are green in color, what color should I pick for my decal? Consider the effect of the additional color(s) on the appearance and mood of the room. With the right colors, wall decals can instantly transform your space.

#3: Position
How/Where do I place the decal? You may use the decal to flank the focal point or complement with balance to the focal point.

The focal point in this living room is the canvas.

Here is another example of using wall decal as the focal point.

Once you have determined the focal point of the room, start planning the balance for your layout. There are three styles of balance that you can opt to: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. Usually you can spot a symmetrical balance in a traditional interior where the one side of the vertical axis is the exact mirror of the other.

A custom decal installed on a glass panel - rigid yet classy

Asymmetrical balance is more appropriate in the design these days and it can be achieved with objects that have equal visual weight or eye attraction. This balance is more casual and less contrived in feeling. It suggests movement, and leads to livelier interior.

An Asymmetrical pattern sample from

#4: Custom-Made Decal
My living room is empty, can you suggest a decal for me?
Style is personal. You can easily find an inspiration from magazines, catalogues, packaging, shopping malls, blogs, websites and many more. Take a picture, send it to us at and we'll discuss on the possibilities.

Playground by Villasofa - creative!

The interior is designed by Homemade - inspiring!

Can you custom-made my design? Would you consider my artwork?
Yes and we will even pay you for your design. So get busy!

Owls by Emila Yusof.

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