11 Inventive Headboards

17 Apr 2011

Upholstered headboards are everywhere, available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. I believe the heightened interest was initially piqued by Season 1 of Mad Men in which Betty Draper's tufted teal upholstered headboard stole the scene in her suburban '60s-era bedroom. Upholstered headboards are classic, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, here are a few creative alternatives.



Covers for your bed. An array of flattened book covers, most probably adhered to plywood, is a quirky and playful idea. I have never seen anything like it and it works well with the quilt. For a minimal look, I would paint the assortment one uniform color so that visitors would have to take a closer look to figure out what is creating all that texture.


asian bedroom by Tal Goldstein


Carved wood. Another idea is an intricately carved screen for a touch of exotic. Oriental or Balanese screens would look terrific in this capacity.

modern bedroom by Van Wicklen Design


Large graphic. Probably the simplest idea of all is to hang a huge graphic behind your bed. Vintage school maps are a fantastic fit because they tend to run big, and it's hard to find wall space for them elsewhere. What better wall space than the big blank area above the bed?

contemporary bedroom by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects


Accent wall. A bed pushed against an accent wall when all the other walls of the room are painted white is enough to create a focal point behind the bed. Taking another look at wood, this interior designed touch of wood slats applied to one wall is a perfect example. You can also try just painting or wallpapering one accent wall as your headboard.


contemporary bedroom by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.


Reclaimed wood. The same idea, but taken into the hands of DIYers. I understand many people are taking day trips into the countryside for wood siding salvaged from abandoned barns, then using it to constructing their own wood accent walls. I love this rustic look if it's attainable for you. Sadly, not for most city dwellers.

eclectic bedroom by Kerrie L. Kelly


So easy its practically cheating - place your bed against a window and the view outside becomes an everchanging headboard. Some rooms have odd configuration that this your only bed placement option. Of course, you have to be cool about waking up with the sunrise. A solution - an enchanting display of curtains to add another layer.


eclectic bedroom by Dufner Heighes Inc


Beautiful slab. Undeniably, I am a lover of all things wood, so the simple beauty of this finished slab speaks volumes to me. Lay it horizontally, push your bed against it, and voila — a headboard is born. Fair warning: These slabs can cost as much as RM6,000.

eclectic bedroom by Dreamy Whites


Salvaged mantel. Moving on from wood but staying in the salvaged arena, a salvaged fireplace mantel is a stunning idea for a twin-size bed. Most architectural salvage yards carry a variety of these. The more weathered the better for a charming country look.

eclectic bedroom by Buckets of Burlap


Repurposed door. Upon visiting the architectural salvage yard, consider a door turned on its side. I wouldn't hang it this high above the bed, but hang it exactly where a headboard would be. But you get the idea, and it's a great one.

eclectic bedroom by Dreamy Whites


Here is the same salvaged door idea, doubled. This version shows the doors placed behind the bed from the floor up, which looks better to me. If you can find two doors, this is the way to use them as a headboard.

asian bedroom The Upward Bound House by Elizabeth Bomberger


The right art. Using art is always a winning choice. I love how the 3 Oriental panels with red tones are displayed on a turquoise wall with matching painted frame. Then the red and white in the picture panels are picked up again in the lamp and throw pillows. This room looks pulled together and professional. You can switch out the art within the frame and matching throw pillow when the mood strikes. 

Courtesy sharing by: Houzz

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