Accent Tile Stands Out in the Shower

17 Apr 2011

The possibilities for picking your tile palette in a bathroom can be downright overwhelming. Also, it can be downright bank-breaking. One great way to make the most of just a box or two of the pricier tiles on the market is to use them as accents. One of the best places to do this is in a shower stall. The rest of your tile needs can be met with something less expensive, while the accent tile can pack a big graphic punch by standing out against a simpler background.


contemporary bathroom by Amoroso Design


The arrangement of this accent tile is so smart. The shape mimics a colorful painting on a white wall in a gallery. Because the designer opted for a clear glass shower separation, it can be enjoyed from anywhere in the bathroom, and makes the room seem more spacious. 

Tip: Want to use this strategy but have a shower curtain instead of a partition? There are clear shower curtains on the market, and they are easy to clean.

bathroom by Jason Ball Interiors


Vertical accent stripes mimic cascading shower water. Also, note the way the stripes line up with the edges of the skylight. This ties this opening all the way into the tub.

modern bathroom by Buckminster Green LLC


This simple stripe of square tiles goes all the way around the room. It adds just enough color and variation to keep things interesting, without overwhelming this minimalist clean white bathroom.

contemporary  by Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.


Here a similar accent stripe serves as a visual chair rail.

contemporary bathroom by Deborah Derocher


One wide vertical accent makes a dramatic backdrop for this freestanding tub, and is made even more powerful by the pendant lights.

modern bathroom by Rachel Reider Interiors


Here the iridescent accent tiles are used in two horizontal stripes and on the shower floor. This heightens our perception of the stall's depth and width.

modern bathroom by gne architecture


This powerful textured tile in variegated shades is so strong that one wall of it is plenty.

by Niche Interiors

A slash of red mosaic tile enlivens this elegant marble subway tile.

modern bathroom by Schnarr Craftsmen Inc

Here the background tile of the shower is picked up by a wide accent stripe around the rest of the bathroom.

by Gary M. Lane

Here the accent is used at the top of the stall. It gives the illusion of looking beyond the white tile to the sky.

contemporary bathroom by Divine Kitchens LLC


Two stripes in the shower pick up the same tile used in the fireplace surround. How luxurious is that?


modern bathroom by RemodelWest


Here one simple line of accent tile connects the different areas of the bath to one another. A tile with a rhythm like this one really stands out in a narrow stripe. 

Tip: This is a great way to make the most of a more expensive tile. Very few square feet will pack a graphic punch.

modern bathroom by Peter A. Sellar - Architectural Photographer


This solid area of accent tile (two adjacent sides and the ceiling) clearly demarcates the shower, instead of letting it fade into the background.

contemporary bathroom by RemodelWest


This person had some fun arranging these circular accent tiles in the shower and over the sink.


Courtesy sharing by: Houzz

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