Garden House by David Guerra

15 May 2011

David Guerra is the Brazilian architect that redesigned the Garden House, a 1980′s house located in Brazil. This amazing house was constructed considering some important aspects like the interior/exterior integration which was planned to be bigger. This was possible using the garden day by day and it not only helped at the integration but also at the lighting of the rooms that used to be dark.

To be suitable for the new owners the house was modernized adding new spaces that can be used in different ways. Besides this process the architects though to destroy walls, transform doors, windows and attatch protection covering, substitute products, recuperate structures, new eletric, new hydraulic, new illumination, an atelier, a wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, bathroom, sauna, deck and pool. The wood and the sand tones had almost disappeared excepting the gourmet kitchen, they were replaced with friendly tones so instead of cozy spaces the owners choose lighted spaces perfect for meetings.

There was used a mix of styles including classics, ethnics, contemporaries and Brazilian references. The space became bigger, light and fluid due to the furniture that was chosen with the bottom distant from the floor.



Courtesy Sharing by Fancy Cribs

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