Dark, Seductive Bathrooms

28 May 2011

Most people have a (fairly logical) fear of living with dark bathrooms. But whether treated with paint, wallpaper, plaster or a custom faux finish, brooding bathrooms feel special, seductive and are always memorable and experiential.

Is that sink wearing a leather skirt? I do believe it is — complete with a nailhead trim, no less! Some bathrooms are just meant to be introspective and melancholy.

Dark gray and medium brown have long been a favorite fashion combination of mine, so naturally, I was drawn to this bathroom. The walls are definitely dark (and so smooth!) but the wood — along with the white accents on the vanity and toilet — lightens things up. The bathroom would have been chic without the pendants, but they elevate and polish off the whole look with their golden glimmer.

Black and white hits the mark every time. Wallpaper isn't always appropriate for everyday bathrooms, but it's a perfect treatment for a powder room, where humidity and heavy traffic aren't a concern. In this bathroom, the pattern's white form lightens the rest of the dark elements without disrupting the tenor of the scheme.

This bathroom manages to be simultaneously moody and Zen — quite a feat! Warm wood elements, subtle architectural details and clean lines contrast beautifully with the shimmery light fixture to create a quiet yet exciting space.

There is a modern Tuscan quality to this atmospheric bathroom. Venetian plaster walls provide a softness that works beautifully with the movements in the stone. The walls aren't particularly dark, but the low lighting creates a seductive mood.

Glam! All the elements — black grasscloth walls, sconces, vanity, mirror, floor tile and seagrass rug — come together, resulting in a bathroom that looks bright and clean despite the dark walls.

There's nothing gloomy about this sophisticated dark bathroom. A variety of textures and metal finishes create an interesting monochromatic palette that is both intricate and subdued. While the flowers are most likely a trick of the styling trade, they keep the bathroom looking fresh and lively.

Here's another example of Venetian plaster walls with a little sheen, which helps reflect what little light there is. The designer kept the details simple, with a traditional but fairly simple mirror and a modern vanity and fixtures. In this case, less is more.

A modern recessed light and a sleek pendant ensure this bathroom falls on the chic side, not the institutional side. The that quality materials selected contribute to the overall seductiveness of the space.

Despite the white walls, this bathroom has a dark, almost Neo-Gothic essence, thanks to the heavy carved wood vanity and mirror and metal pendants, which spread a wonderful texture on the walls through quatrefoil perforations.

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